We are iRisk Management.

Insurance Brokers & Risk Management Consultants.

Who we are.

iRisk Management is a wholly owned Ghanaian insurance brokerage and risk management consultancy firm incorporated in the year 2014. With the widespread litigation between insurance beneficiaries and insurance firms, the company was established to forsee several services in insurance with a high sense of professionalism. The hope and desire of promoting and providing a better understanding in insurance packages has always been so key to our priorities. We administer very reliable insurance advice to all our clients and have the constant welfare of our clients at heart.

Our Vision

iRisk Management aims to be Ghana’s most competitive and world class provider of insurance brokerage services with outmatched professionalism and innovation team. Join our vision and worry no more!

Our Core values

Confidentiality (100%)
Attention to details (100%)
Speedy Service Delivery (100%)
“I am prepared for the worst, but I hope for the best” Benjamine Disraeli

Our Objectives

  • Connector.

    To act as a link between our clients and the insurance companies.

  • Connector.

    To provide the convenience of a single contact for all insurance enquiries with the choices offered by the whole market.

  • Connector.

    To study, review and give recommendations on our client’s policies if any.

  • Connector.

    To keep in touch with our clients and advise when renewals or mid-term amendments to existing covers are necessary.

  • Connector.

    To place our clients risk with competent insurance companies whilst ensuring favourable rates of premiums and adequate covers.

  • Connector.

    To assist with claims processing and ensure equitable claim settlement without unnecessary bureaucratic delays and also save our clients legal cost, time and litigation.

  • Connector.

    To make sure our clients make adequate savings on their insurance portfolios in terms of discount, returns, premiums and long term agreements.

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